Grants Available for Illegal Dumping Enforcement and Cleanup

There are various ways that people and organizations throughout the community come together for environmental causes. Grant funding comes from various sources to support critical stewardship projects. Here we list a few grant sources along with some brief information. You may find grant opportunities for schools, school districts, elementary and college students, communities, individuals and groups.





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Don’t Mess With Texas

Roll up your sleeves for a campus cleanup, use your writing skills to win tuition money, showcase your creativity in our elementary school art contest, or show your school spirit with a litter prevention message in our middle school can contest. Learn more about what you can do!


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National Neighborhood Watch Community Grant Programs

The National Neighborhood Watch Program provides information on grants as helpful resources for communities. A number of the grants can be applied towards environmental sustainability, community betterment projects, and towards helping neighborhood watch programs.


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SEE Less Trash

On a biannual basis, the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) announces a call for projects for the state solid waste implementation funds. These funds are generated by solid waste disposal fees collected by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and are the only TCEQ funds available for solid waste implementation projects to local governments in Texas.

Eligible jurisdictions such as cities, counties, school districts, and special districts with solid waste authority are encouraged to submit project applications for local and cooperative implementation activities consistent with the Regional Solid Waste Management Plan.


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The Environmental Education (EE) Sub-Grants

This EE Sub-Grant is provided by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EE Sub-Grants program can assist your school district with environmental stewardship projects and possible grant funding. To keep abreast of the EE grant program including the call for projects schedule, click on EE Grant Programs listed under Environmental Education Quick Finder, then click on Sign Up and enter your email address to receive notifications by email.